Sunday, March 28, 2010

The IPL disease

Well it’s that time of the year when everybody sees IPL, breathes IPL, eats IPL, sleeps IPL. Ever noticed the open mouths of people trying to eat and gaze at the TV at the same time? It’s a normal scene in Food court here these days. All of them (specifically men) care less about the flies on their plate and more about the sixer which was just hit by Sachin! What's in a Cricket? Or rather what’s in an IPL? There are 2 major things Indians are crazy about - Cricket and Movies! - What a good way to mix both of them and create money!! Shahrukh, Juhi, Shilpa and Preity had no other better work to do I guess - or maybe they just thought cricket would earn them more income than showing their skin! I used to follow cricket and would lose sleep when there was India-Pak match going on! I was crazy to the extent that I would keep offering 5 Rupee coins to the TV when I wanted Sachin to hit a four and if he did, the TV would get another 5! Those used to be fun and made me look as if the "Whole" of India was for the win! To me IPL looks like a civil war made popular! No? Then why does your blood pressure increase when Chennai Super Kings loses a match with 1 run? Or when Mumbai Indians win as if it was a practice session? I have hardly understood why would we split the states and fellow players, invite firangs to the teams and then play against each other so that all of the firangs whom you would play with later on will know about each Indian player in detail! Isn't it like "Aa bail mujhe maar"??
OK, may be I just don't understand it in the right way, but I also don't seem to understand the "hype" about it! First the media and the Ads- every radio station, every TV channel, every other hoarding is dedicated to the great IPL! Every product on earth is sold with a tag of IPL, from fairness cream to Digital TV subscription to chaddis! If thats not enough, they mix super singer competition with IPL and make them "IPL Rockstars". Aing? Where is this going? I wonder if this enthusiasm was ever shown during the hockey world cup! Actually, it was not!! People, there are more things in life than Just Cricket and IPL!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do the Dune..

It was just yesterday where I had danced to 2010 and it’s already the 3rd month of the year. And to add to this, I also completed a year of wed-lock! Most of you know that this is not an arranged marriage and Vishnu and I have been hooked forever! So, 1 year of wed-lock was more of a wow-I-am-married-for-a-year feeling than wow-I-married-this-stranger-a-year-back! Never mind if you don’t understand the difference, but Feb was surely a special month for me but thanks to "Duty" that the most special month of the year (after September of course ;-) ) was spent alone!

My better half informed me in Jan that he will be "visiting" home during Feb aka he will be out of town for most of the month and my first reaction was - You better be here on the 20th OR I will KILL YOU!!!!! He simply gave one of his funniest-cutest-broadest-whitest smiles and said we both will not be here on the 20th! I didn’t know what he meant but later did I realize that besides his huge-hectic-horrible travel schedule he had planned a surprise trip for the anniversary :))))))))) Both of us have always wished to go to a quiet calm place and relax ourselves but we never got around to do that, thanks to our hectic work schedules. We finally got to do what we wanted (relax that is) at "The Dune" - Pondicherry.

We always have this image about Pondicherry - French Colonies, Auroville, Beach and Bacardi! And people mostly go there to either party or get drunk or do both! However, Pondicherry also hosts bunch of beautiful beach resorts and one of them being "The Dune" - The Dune is actually an eco-beach resort. It’s a town by itself, a place where you won't feel hot even though the sun is right on top of you, you hear the birds chirping and the sea splashing on the shore from your bedroom, you have mosquito nets but no mosquitoes (only bees), you drive a cycle instead of a car, you have a lotus pond in front of your veranda, you live on solar power, your roof is not made of concrete but of palm leaves, where sun light wakes you up instead of a tube light, where you eat organic and grow organic! This place was surely a wonder! The people there are friendly and caring, they made surprise arrangements for us and we enjoyed the limelight to the fullest! A room decorated with flowers, a dinner table specially decorated and booked for us, a beautiful candle lit dinner, a handmade card by the staff and a cute cake cutting ceremony with the staff made our stay and our anniversary so memorable!!!

I was so glad we went to the Dune - waiting to go there again :) And, thank you for taking me there :-)

Whose Turn is it anyway?

Looks like me and my husband are taking turns! When I was blogging almost every day, he was silent and never wrote a word on his blog. Now that I hardly find time to blog he is writing essays-elaborated-to-books-size blog!
Well that’s not the only case we are taking turns.. We take turns to be in town too! - When he goes out of town I stay at home waiting for him and just when he is coming back I go to the same city where he was and miss him there! - Gosh! Well he has described this situation very nicely on his blog so I am not going to take the pains to re-write it :) however, my side of the story for Feb 2010 is surely unique from his. I spent most of my Feb waiting for his call, talking to him only 1 hour (in total) in 20 days, spending 2 out of 28 February days with him!
Oh, we also take turns in sleeping and reading.. What? Confused? Don’t be :P The reason is, when he is reading a book and totally drowned in the author's words I keep bugging him with some stupid work or nag him about not listening to me! And he perfectly reciprocates when I take a book in hand :) He sleeps when I am awake and working and he wakes up when I get the best sleep!
We also take turns to drive the car :) lol - we cannot drive the same car together duh! He drove me to Pondy @ 120kmph and I drove the rest of the world to Pondy at the same speed. I usually am not a TV watcher and very rarely stick to that dumb box, but he, he sticks like glue! And just in case I choose to watch TV, he snores! Oh yeah, we take turns to be late :) - Weekdays I wake up late and Weekends he is late! If that was not enough, we take turns to act crazy to each other too!
It was my turn to write on my blog, so I did :) Abba, your turn now!