Sunday, February 12, 2012

You and me!

I was bored, so was he. I wanted to chill out, so did he. I made the plan, he happily accompanied. This is a norm between me and Vishnu. It was quiet long since we went for a night show movie together and I started to think if we were really growing old (besides the age) to get thrilled about a movie plan! To get rid of that thought, I decided to just go ahead and make a movie plan and when i got on to my favorite theatre website I found the perfect movie! (I will educate you on why i call it perfect little later on this post)

Ek main aur Ekk tu - released just in time for valentine's day! From the trailers of the movie, it looked like a rip off of the English Rom-Com "What happens in Vegas". Ashton Kutcher did a real good job troubling the so-called wife and i was hoping Imran will have a similar role as well. But, I was wrong, the only part which is copied from the movie is the part where the 2 of them get drunk in Vegas and get married by mistake! The movie turned out to be more mushy than expected and Imran was the girl with a broken heart :P. Kareena on the other hand had a role which she is completely comfortable with - the bold, the beautiful and the bubbly. I am not yet sure whether I liked the movie completely but overall I guess it was a nice light hearted, no nonsense movie. I was just glad that the director and story writer did not add any unnecessary masala to it :) I specifically appreciated the ending :). One movie which begun with "The End" and ended with "The Beginning".
So, as far as the movie goes, I think its a decent flick to spend a few hours on and enjoy the songs for few days :) Now finally getting to the point: Why I thought I chose the perfect movie! Vishnu started watching Hindi movies in theatres only after i entered his life. Since then, I take the sadistic pleasure of torturing him with the bollywood dramas on a large screen for 3 to 4 hours :) Most of the times, I am successful with the torture and sometimes I fail (that is when there is a good movie like 3 idiots or ZNMD or something like that). So when I picked this movie, i knew that it will have a bollywood twist to the English movie and assumed that it will be a good plot to bug him. When the movie got over, I immediately turned to him and asked "Waste of time?" and he replied "Not really" - I disappointed :-| :P

Nevertheless, I re-discovered that we are still thrilled at a movie plan and can go for a night show anytime :)